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Choosing a memorial is a difficult and emotional choice. By contacting us we will be able to help with your or their choice.

When choosing tombstones, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various cemetery regulations that regulate the size of the tomb monument and what type of stone can be used. In some cemeteries, their own fields are reserved for natural stones, urn stones or pebbles. We know which rules apply and can therefore help in that way.

Choosing stone from a picture in a brochure or on the internet is an uncertain choice without first contacting the company that has this brochure or page. Often the pictures of the tombstones are taken from the front and therefore you never get a real picture of what the stone looks like on the other sides. If you want your own design of the tombstone, your own design or special wishes, it is easier to talk about the table than through a telephone. Therefore, one of our sellers will come to your home so that nothing is left to chance.

Here are some helpful moments that will help:

1. Fully polished headstone or raw edges?

If a fully polished stone is selected, this is maintenance-free and the costs of subsequent refurbishment are significantly reduced. In addition, these stones remain forever in the tombstone context. When choosing stones that are chiseled, sandblasted, flamed or otherwise set, greenery and moss / low are a theme. There are still many who like the contrasts that the raw setting provides in combination with polished surfaces. We give advice and tips on how such stones can be kept equal and still appear as beautiful monuments.

2. Size of the tombstone

How many names should stand on the stone?

A tombstone on an urn grove shall not be higher than 80 cm, wider than 75 cm and thicker than 60 cm. maximum weight is 150 kg.

For coffin graves, the burial memory shall not be higher than 150 cm, wider than 85 cm and thicker than 60 cm. Maximum weight is 300 kg.

In some cases, however, exemptions may be granted if special circumstances permit.

3. Shape

In many cases, our customers get customized their own stone even though we have a large selection to choose from. Should the stone be asymmetrical, rectangular or shaped like a heart, an angel?

4. Choice of stone

We stock most types of stone and produce according to the customers' needs and wishes. Should the tombstone be black, white, reddish brown, gray or gray blue? We produce stones ourselves in addition to supplying imported tombstones. Below is a selection of stone types we use:

Gneis Royal, Orion Blue, Vistdalite gabbro, Sturengranite, Granud granite, Smoke granite, Finnish gray granite, Hallandia, Nylandia, Red Vangagranite, white gneiss - Viscont White, Gray green gneiss, black diabas (most commonly called black granite, although it is not) Ruby red, red Aurora gneiss, Indian Dakota gneiss, Iddefjord granite, dark Labrador, light / blue Labrador, green Masi quartzite.

5. Choice of accessories

Should the stone have an integrated lantern? A lantern niche or a lantern mounted on the tombstone or on its own shelf in front of the tomb? bronze birds, bronze decor etc. We have a rich selection of bronze items from both Pilla, Strassacker, Bondini, Cagiatti, Nordic metal art, Storm Sørensen and more.

6. Home Conference

By leaving a message on our contact form or calling us directly, we can set up a home conference where we, at no extra cost to you, help you in your choice. Through us you buy directly from the manufacturer and avoid many thousands of extra costs that a funeral home would provide.

At a home conference, the family has plenty of time, gets a service based on long experience and answers to any questions that may be relevant. We use Schubert software - Comcut and you get to see what the stone will look like with names and decor.

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